Frequently Asked Questions


Is your service confidential?

100%! In fact, this is addressed in my service agreement, and signed before we begin to ensure your privacy. I understand this can be a very personal matter in some cases, and I hold this at the highest importance to provide an excellent customer experience.

Are you going to make me throw everything away?

Never, that decision is entirely yours. With that said, I might encourage and help coach you through this process. When’s the last time you used five pairs of scissors all at once anyway? :)

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What package is right for me? 

This depends on a few factors, but I'll be able to better assess at our consultation.  No need to decide before then.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Sure do! Just contact me HERE to order one.


Do I have to buy bins & containers?

No, that is entirely up to you and your budget. While I do believe containers will set you up for long term organizational success, purchasing new ones is not required of you to work with Southern Sequence! I can work with what you have if you prefer.

Do I have to be present the whole time?

No, but… I need your input for the decluttering process. I can help guide you in what to keep and purge, but the final decision is entirely up to you. I’m happy (and actually prefer) to work independently after this phase is complete, and we’ve established a budget you’re comfortable with for bins and supplies if applicable.

Does your fee include new containers?

No, this is an additional cost. All product purchased for your project is subject to your approval and budget. These items will be billed for reimbursement to be paid before the completion of our sessions together.