What Our Clients Are Saying

For a first time mama, all the baby clothes, gear and toys that come into your home when you have your child can be overwhelming. How do you even fold all those adorable little onesies and footed pajamas?! Ellen helped turn my nursery into an organized oasis that was so helpful in feeling prepared for my little one’s arrival. She made it all look so easy and gave me some great tools to help keep me organized (aka: sane) going forward!
— S.B. from Houston

I run a side business selling clothes online and do it all out of my apartment. Before Southern Sequence, I was completely disorganized - clothes and boxes everywhere, no true place to pack up my sales and it overwhelmed me. Ellen helped me organize the layout of the room, get the clothes hung and in order, and created a desk area for me all within a tight budget. I loved that she helped me search for things that I already owned to repurpose and use to organize. With Ellen’s help, I feel a weight off my shoulders and can run my business more efficiently! Thank you!

PS I have also taken her gift wrapping organization advice and that was a game changer as well.
— K.T. From Houston
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Southern Sequence transformed what I formerly called my “junk room”! It was the room that I dumped anything and everything into, dreaded entering, and kept the door closed to it almost all the time. To me, changing its status as a dumping ground was an overwhelming task. Ellen from Southern Sequence came in and within a mere few hours, the transformation was well underway. I now have a fully functioning, organized, and inviting room that I utilize on a daily basis. Thank you Southern Sequence!
— R.W. from Houston

I have four kids and work full time. My youngest daughter’s room had almost become one giant junk drawer of disorganized toys and clothes that didn’t fit. I would avoid it at all costs because I didn’t even know where to start to clean it up. Even my daughter would avoid her room. Now, it’s so organized that she loves to go in her room and play with her toys! She’ll sit in there for hours creating and pretending. The best part is she now has a place for everything and cleans up after herself so her room stays clean! It’s truly changed everything. All thanks to Southern Sequence!
— B.C. from Spring
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